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Still can’t write about leaving. Sorry.

Recently traumatized by a quick google search of job opportunities around where I’ll be living.  Googling only lasted about 20 minutes, but I will now have to put on Billy Joel and hide, shivering, under the covers until the real world disappears again.  A BA in Liberal Arts and 2 years of teaching experience with no certification = I have zero marketable skills, other than sounding cool for having lived in Japan.


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typhoon melor, nice tuumeechu.

So everyone has been talking about this typhoon for like a more than a week in Japan – basically it’s been heading straight for us and hasn’t budged from its path.  We had some pretty serious damage in my town in the middle of August when Typhoon no.9 (Etau) pushed lots of rain out here and there were flash floods and landslides – although my town itself was largely unaffected except for really high rivers and mud rushing into Agro Garden (noo! not agro garden!!), the next town over had 18 fatalities and 2 missing people the last I heard.  So even though we were safe last time, I think it’s safe to say that this is not the safest place in the world to be – especially because most of the structural damage that was sustained in August has not yet been fixed.

Today there are strong winds as the tendrils of the typhoon are starting to spread out over Japan, and from what I hear it’s supposed to touch ground close to Kyoto, so basically we’ll enjoy all the typhoon has to offer here in Hyogo too before it starts to slow down and sweep north to cover the rest of Japan.

Here are some links so you can see what’s goin’ on.

live: japanese meteorlogical agency

from the us navy’s typhoon warning system (http://metocph.nmci.navy.mil/jtwc.php) :

Exciting stuff.  More info when I have it, and if I never update this blog again you can be confused about whether I am sticking to my regular posting schedule (aka extremely infrequently) or whether I have been licked by something called a “melor.”  To other Japanners, stay safe and take care of yourselves :)

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